Why mine gems?

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I haven't tried to mine gems since the update, but this morning I thought I'd work on the task that says to get a diamond in Priff when the Voice of Seren is in Trahaearn. I started mining and was surprised at how slow it was. The whole time I was mining and mining and mining that one rock I could see just on the other side that there were two dark animicas. I kept thinking "this is a waste of time, I want to be mining animica!" lol.

So after ages of hitting one rock I got.... a sapphire! woo-hoo! :P

I decided to go do dark animica. lol.

I guess eventually I'll just suck it up, not look to see what animica has spawned, and mine those gems until I get a diamond so I can cross off that task. But are there any other types of gem rocks anywhere else now? What is the incentive to stand there mining for such a long time for no reward at the end (except for mining xp of course, which I'm glad to have).

22-Jan-2019 15:42:40



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Moneybucks said:
You know you can get onyxes now from the Prifddinas rocks? I'd guess that's why people might want to do it.

There are rocks in Shilo village that I don't believe drog those higher level gems, but I haven't mined them, so I don't know if they have the same HP as the Prifddinas rocks.

In general, other than hoping for a nice bit of chain RNG with the onyxes, there doesn't seem to be much point in mining the gemrocks. Especially not as you get plenty of geodes now, with onyxes (or dust) also spawning from metamorphic geodes with a 1/8 chance.

I didn't know that. Hopefully when I end up trying to finish that task I'll get one to make it worthwhile. The only onyx I've seen lately is the one I got from a geode.

22-Jan-2019 16:14:13

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