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An actual game update at last; it's been a long 4 weeks of waiting. :P

So, let's talk about the animal barn: essentially it's like more bank space, except that it's not added to the bank and it's restricted in what you can put in there. We know now that the issue overall in adding more bank space to the actual bank is because the game might not be able to handle loading it all in one instance (the bank itself), so you make these workarounds where the separate "banks" like the animal barn are their own instances.

Normally that's fine, since it's a technical issue and the workarounds work as a substitute until something can be done to improve the bank (*cough* bank rework *cough), however, many people could be given significantly more bank space, if Jagex did the right thing and gave all paying members all the bank boosters for free, like any decent P2P game does. The game can handle it, otherwise you wouldn't be offering it with extra payment, and the extra money that Jagex'd make from the bank booster sales would just as well be received from more membership sales due to increased player satisfaction.

So please Jagex, whilst you're already on the topic of bank space, just give all paying members the maximum amount of bank space! > )
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04-Feb-2019 09:28:05

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