Charge drain earth and song

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My Augmented Earth and Song pickaxe has a charge drain rate of about 5 charges per sec instead of 0.7 charges / sec that's stated in the 'check' menu of the pickaxe..
I have charge drain reduction 8 discovered

anyone here having the same problem?

10-Jan-2019 00:14:37

Aqua Star

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yeah, and I was getting spammed about having run out of charges while smithing for some unknown reason. Now what's an unfun environment when you talk to people and see nonsense being said and stuff like that

10-Jan-2019 00:39:17

Mini JIT
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I know its a level 90 item but even I thought the charge use was high. So far levelled it up from 1-12 3 times and my full charge pack went from 500 down to 380 so it worked out at about 40 charges to get to level 12. Someone else better at maths can tell me if that's right or not.

I know it uses less charges at higher levels but with little over 310m xp I still don't have a pet so I still siphon it. :(

I did use a augmented crystal hammer to unlock a full set of +5 but the rest of the time I just spent folding 12 bars with a normal hammer so cant have been many charges used from that.

11-Jan-2019 15:04:21

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