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Fire Hawk154

Fire Hawk154

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There is no reason cursed wisps should be f2p.

They have already removed all valuable mining rocks from the Wilderness, so Cursed Energy is now the only "PKing" hotspot left in F2P. Ofcourse I would rather see actual players instead of bots, but with the way Jagex takes care of F2P it's not going to get more players. So I disagree with removing cursed from F2P unless replaced with something equally valuable.
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19-Feb-2019 09:53:53

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"The div-o-matic change was made as a game integrity change for the health of the game"

Soooo... game integrity only concerns you when people are legitimately making their own GP but doesn't concern you with MTX and things like Umbral Chests giving people 200M GP in tutorial island? Guess I'm missing something here.

"So how do we improve the communication process for you the players?

For future updates that we consider to be contentious we’ll look into providing a more thorough explanation as to why we’re making the change instead of just providing a release note."

Or... how about you poll things like this? See what the community wants rather than "fixing" something that isn't broken and having outrage from the community?

19-Feb-2019 14:26:23

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- Divo-o-matic change made for game integrity!
- Releases TH promotion that allows people to buy ultra rare rewards flooding the game with
billions of gold.

You're so full of crap your eyes are brown Jagex. You don't care about the integrity of the game at all and this latest TH promotion proves that.

19-Feb-2019 14:36:26

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There's a few options here.

- Lose Empty or Filled charges on Death in wilderness - Banking more + Risk.
- Make The Vacuum Broken upon death in wilderness which cost X amount of coins to fix, pker gets a % of that GP. - Risk in wilderness.
- Revert change of losing it on death outside of wilderness and keep it lost on death in wilderness only.
- Make Cursed Energy P2P, bots are lowering the price of energies not active players. The % of energies come into the game via F2p bots with cursed energy. In f2p worlds there are at least 10-15 bots per world.

You say you want wilderness to be a risk yet Warbands are still a thing, you can loot Warbands on Alts risking 0gp and still be rewarded. Warbands should follow suit and make it so you need to risk over a certain amount of GP to gain supplies.

I'm fine with changes but the fact of the matter, cursed energy should have been made P2P or a higher Divernation requirement for cursed energies, before making this change rather than a knee-jerk nerf.
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19-Feb-2019 16:41:22

Lord Tharkon
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Lord Tharkon

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I get the wilderness part (though tbh, non-combat skills shouldn't even be in the wilderness at all).

But why is it lost on death outside the wilderness as well?
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19-Feb-2019 22:15:10

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