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Dravenstormn said:
Myself and a few other players have noticed that the past few days animals have drastically dropped in aging. I have been logged in for a few hours now and none of mine have aged at all.

Are you sure that you don't have the babysitter farmhand allocated to a pen where you want animals to age past adolescent?
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27-Feb-2019 08:29:36

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Make sure you also visit the farm often, just being logged in the game might not work. The farm click area was made little smaller few weeks ago, before if you used ardy loadstone it would still be part of the farm but now you have to take 2 steps east. When you see the buyers teleporting in animation then you should be ok. Don't have to waste time checking each pen just enter the area and leave.

I have noticed game update days the aging time is sometimes a little off but should be fine after that.

27-Feb-2019 14:53:31



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as I said it is not just me experiencing this issue, I know at least 4 others. One being my wife. I have 2 pens of Chins , pen of zygo , breeding pen with zygo , spider and yaks , none of them aged in hours of play. they have food , no farmhands at all. I have always been able to check them , go off and do a few tasks and check and they at least aged once in a day. I will have to see when i log in today whats up.

27-Feb-2019 22:49:36

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