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like everyone else said, u obviously wernt about when the first nomad came out

quests should be the end game of RS

tbh quest bosses SHOULD be harder than any repeatable boss

this guy is the fucking destroyer of worlds, why shouldnt he be hard?

25-Feb-2019 22:53:06



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Oceana Glaci said:
Kwark Taart said:
you can 3 man it, and it really isn't that hard, I've seen 3 man groups with T70's do regular mode lol

Kwark Taart said:
please educate yourself, it's embarrassing.

you can get 99-120 sum in roughly 10 hours, just because you don't know how doesn't mean it's not possible.

I'm sorry you can't put in the same amount of time some of us (apparantly) "elitists" can,
but looking at your profile and stats/xp gained you're probably a beginner, if you've been playing for more then a year I'd be surprised. why not enjoy the game at your current level without worying about content you won't get acces to for ( at your pase ) years ?

as for DXP weekends? I wouldn't care if they stopped doing them, I'll get the levels I need for what ever content I want to do anyway, DXP just gives it a little boost.

you're not a victem of elitists "stomping" you, you're just a casual player.

I haven’t called you an elitist on Aria Ventus yet. I’ll call you one now.

Thanks for trying to raise the playing field and pushing the community towards destruction, Mr Elitist.

PvM outside of quests was never required for questing. Quests just required pre requisite quests and pvm is released only within that quest.

what your saying is, that if something hasnt been done before, it shouldnt ever be done?

what a utterly sad and backwards world view you have, i pity you

25-Feb-2019 22:55:15



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Krystlsinger said:
Why, oh why, do Jagex insist on making us do PvM when we don't want to? I have managed, with difficulty, to beat Nomad and other hard quest bosses after many attempts but it's always something I hate. So why have they made this new quest require completion of the elite dungeons?

I would never bother doing them because bossing is just not for me. I have, on occasions, been in a group to boss (thanks to Mod Lee's Sunday mass) but even that makes me stressed.

And I know I can do the dungeons in story mode and with others but I don't boss with others normally so why make it so I have to - Jagex are getting a bit like parents saying 'you all have to play together nicely'!

I haven't tried story mode yet (obviously, given that I wouldn't do the dungeons voluntarily) so I might be OK or I might not. But, if I can't do them, I can't get my quest cape back and I love my quest cape!

Quests are one of my favourite things in RS and now it might be that I have to give them up. If I give them up, there's not much else for me to do other than get 120s because I'll never get completionist or all of the achievements (because of the bossing requirements).

It's a pity that the bossing developers seem to have so much influence on quest development because this is spoiling the game for those of us who don't enjoy that aspect of RS. Even if I do the story mode dungeons easily (which I doubt but who knows?) I'll still feel that I shouldn't be made to complete bossing tasks in order to complete a quest.

When I think about all the fuss made by PvMers about a few little puzzles in quests which get watered down as a result, it makes me just a bit annoyed that bossing can be part of a quest without any way of avoiding it.


1 no one is forcing you.
2 bossing has Always been integral to questing
3 the hardest bosses were always quest bosses, up until only recently (rax onwards I suppose)
4 story mode is a joke. Literally.

26-Feb-2019 14:02:38



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A Mighty said:
Whoever said Story mode can be done with T70 gear needs to go in there solo, with T70 gear, and on an alt with T70 stats. I assure you, you will get slaughtered by the bosses.

MMORPG' s always have been and always will be about progression of stats and gear.

I made an iron man last week and I'm already at t70, and you think that after 15 years if rs they should be catering bosses for t70? That would be utterly redundant. Why would they make bosses that the majority of players can kill in 10 hits without moving? That would be utterly lame.

26-Feb-2019 14:05:49

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