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Decimatorz said:
Archaeox said:
Story mode is definitely NOT only solo - I did all three elite dungeons in story mode, in groups.

Also, you can use the reward chests at checkpoints as quick teleport locations, from one to another :)

I didn't know you can travel between reward chest, i assume you just right-click on them and teleport?

Oh you can use groups in Solo-Mode....only problem with that I have to rely on people to do it. Which means i or we have to clear the whole dungeon yet again. Again I don't know why Jagex Obsession is with content need to be in a group with NO solo-able mode.

All EDG's are soloable, and in story mode it's very very easy to do. The most you have to do is about 15 minutes at a time, as you can log out each time u reach a chest, then log back in the next day and teleport back to that chest

In fact, if u don't mind running for 2-3 minutes, u can log out between chests, and every barrier you lower us saved, and the monsters in areas before the barriers don't respawn

If your having troubles thus allows a trick - run past monsters, kill barrier monsters, Tele out, re-enter, and all the non barrier monsters u ran past will have despawned.

Especially useful for first room in EDG2 - kill 4 "main" blobs then leave via entrance - the 2 other main blobs, and ALL the summoned blobs will have vanished!

26-Feb-2019 13:48:35

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