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when i logged in and went staking, winning around 700m. bought gears and went to kill rune dragons. i had not even heard of tbow spawing or what not. now i am back to nothing in my bank. and i pay for membership yearly. how is the incompetence of a Jmods part causing paying customer to lose valuable time and money spent in game fair? Jagex you really are fucking shit. id rather you spend your time hunting down ppl who actually abused the bug rather than rerolling everyone affecting majority players and take action on the incompetent Jmod. fuck you.

28-Feb-2019 15:52:04

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At least try the Old School RuneScape forums. This forum is for a different game. No one rants about NHL2016, SimCity or other games around here.
Bite me.

28-Feb-2019 18:01:29

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This forum is for feedback and discussion on recent update to RuneScape (RS3).

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28-Feb-2019 18:35:16

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