My Ore Box disappeared

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Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Immortalized said:
possible you could buy a new box and keep the bane ore in it, but good luck

That will definitely be the case.

You can actually make/buy multiple ore boxes, but if you do you'll find they all have the exact same inventory. That's because the ore box is just a means of accessing a single inventory tied to a character.

If you drop/lose the ore box, you simply drop/lose the box itself. The ores aren't lost along with it since they will remain in your character's "ore inventory" until you either manually empty the ore box, or you deposit the ore box into your bank. You'll need to replace the ore box, but your ores will be safe.

14-Jan-2019 09:28:37

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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I can confirm this has *not* occurred to me, and I've filled my Elder Rune Ore Box with 140 Banite Ore many times in this past week.

This isn't to dispute the claims in the thread, but simply to try and narrow-down what may be causing this issue; on the assumption both of you are correct and your boxes did simply disappear, we have a glitch on our hands, and there might be specific trigger conditions.

All of my Banite mining has been done at the hunting spot north of Rellekka.

The equipment I always used has been:

- full Magic Golem outfit
- Max Cape with Mining, Smithing and Agility capes added
- Grace of the Elves *without* Porters
- Luck of the Dwarves
- Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed
- No Summoning familiar or pet

So to reiterate, I have *not* experienced the problem, and have always used the above items and mined at the same location for Banite.

If your setup differs in any way from mine, or you're mining at a different location, and if both of you are doing the same thing as each-other (ie. both mining at the same alternative site or using the same Familiar) then it's very probable that could be behind the glitch and related in some way.

Otherwise, we're looking at something so incredibly random that we can't solve this puzzle, and the only recourse would be to hope Jagex recieves enough bug report tickets with the same issue that they're able to pin-down the source... which could take a while.

14-Jan-2019 10:36:28

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