My Ore Box disappeared

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Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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I can confirm this has *not* occurred to me, and I've filled my Elder Rune Ore Box with 140 Banite Ore many times in this past week.

This isn't to dispute the claims in the thread, but simply to try and narrow-down what may be causing this issue; on the assumption both of you are correct and your boxes did simply disappear, we have a glitch on our hands, and there might be specific trigger conditions.

All of my Banite mining has been done at the hunting spot north of Rellekka.

The equipment I always used has been:

- full Magic Golem outfit
- Max Cape with Mining, Smithing and Agility capes added
- Grace of the Elves *without* Porters
- Luck of the Dwarves
- Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed
- No Summoning familiar or pet

So to reiterate, I have *not* experienced the problem, and have always used the above items and mined at the same location for Banite.

If your setup differs in any way from mine, or you're mining at a different location, and if both of you are doing the same thing as each-other (ie. both mining at the same alternative site or using the same Familiar) then it's very probable that could be behind the glitch and related in some way.

Otherwise, we're looking at something so incredibly random that we can't solve this puzzle, and the only recourse would be to hope Jagex recieves enough bug report tickets with the same issue that they're able to pin-down the source... which could take a while.

14-Jan-2019 10:36:28

Slamm G
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Slamm G

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This happened to me as well. I submitted a bug report, but what happened to you sounds pretty similar to me in that it happened while mining banite ore. I saw a reddit post regarding it as well but there doesn't seem to be anything else besides this thread.

My box was a bane ore box, however. I was mining in the glacor caves and suddenly noticed that my inventory was full and the box was gone. Kinda sucks cause I lost 90 some banite ore but really not that bad.

16-Jan-2019 00:46:18

Papa Turtle
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Papa Turtle

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Ya, I have the same problem. Happened twice when I am in the mining guild. It happened right after I deposited into the resource dungeon deposit box. I thought I accidentally deposited all. Run back to the bank and nothing there.

18-Jan-2019 02:19:19

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Same. Grabbed 140 mithril, 140 addy, {they were on the way},fired up the premier artifacts porter {wasted} to gather dark anima ore in the dig site, got about 60-80 then got kicked out to log-in screen. When i logged back in, it was gone. Searched the bank and Django{?} with no luck. Gotta mine Banite so as to make a new one. Sucks, but moving on.

19-Jan-2019 11:54:20

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Hmm, just happend to me too, just added 2 ores then jumped to other type of rock and when i wanted to put them in the box, it was gone....

EDIT: might have found out why this happens... Drag/drop, if you are too fast when adding ores to the box and you accidently drag it out of the inventory.

Should be able to add an "are you sure" option to an item.

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