Portable Vic BS

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JessIsLit said:
How do you justify not allowing people to share the Portable Vic?
Seriously not worth it if only one person can use it let alone not being able to use it near others..

I'll just assume that is a bug to be fixed

It only came this far because too many people justified the other forms of MTX; Jagex learned that it could keep pushing its luck, and here we are, they're seeing just how far they can go.

Mega Duck said:
If other players could use other people's Portable Vic, it would be too OP, considering you get a bonus amount per vic that you place. You could argue that other people could use it without the bonus, but that would likely be spaghetti code.

I think 1 hour isn't long at all though considering the cost, it would be nice to have it for a week, per bond.

Oh, so it's only the ability to share that would make this too OP, and as it is now, portable Vic is fine? Come on now, portable Vic would be too OP even if it lasted for 10 minutes, for the person who purchased it only, and if portable Vic offered worse exchange rates than the regular version. Being able to pay to skip a very long waiting period, to use up your bonus exp asap, is too OP in itself, not to mention that the exchange rates are better than regular Vic's.
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23-Apr-2019 19:39:44

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