Portable Vic BS

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Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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Blackwing said:
JessIsLit said:
How do you justify not allowing people to share the Portable Vic?
Seriously not worth it if only one person can use it let alone not being able to use it near others..

I'll just assume that is a bug to be fixed

It only came this far because too many people justified the other forms of MTX; Jagex learned that it could keep pushing its luck, and here we are, they're seeing just how far they can go.

I can safely hypothesize Jagex won't go so far beyond the line as to sell their own game servers for micro-transaction promotions. But anything before that, you bet they'll do whatever they can to push their luck with players' tolerance of micro-transactions.
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24-Apr-2019 02:48:21

Kip Tandoori
Aug Member 2019

Kip Tandoori

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disgusting, even while i used it once.
if portable vic comes twice a year for 1 month just like normal vic.., how is that being portable?..
consumable npc vic's just don't make sense.
they do, but they don't.
seeing someone use this for 1 min wihout getting anything is enough for my to quit.
i'm going to enjoy the nice weather/summer.

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24-Apr-2019 10:42:47

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