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there already is a toggle for it.

Simply leave it empty of charges until you want to go mining, woodcutting or even fishing if that is all that you want it to bank for you, then put in just the amount of charges you want it to use.

12-Dec-2018 14:10:17

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I agree be it would be nice to have a toggle. I've read a rumour that Jagex maybe working on it as an option but I'm not sure if that is fact. I almost bought a second GOTE just to have one charged and uncharged. I want seren spirits but don't want to waste charges for things that maybe right next to a bank.

11-Jan-2019 21:58:03

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Support. It can be difficult to always have your GotE porters run out exactly when you switch from one activity to something else you'd rather not use porters on. I don't use the porters function on my Grace of the Elves because of this. :)

EDIT: Glad to see that a toggle is already being worked on. Sorry I only read the first post and part of the second! :@
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