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ModáShauny said:

The female tier 7 Citadel guard has had their ankles re-attached

You might want to share that trick with the Ferrari F1 team...
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09-Apr-2018 11:01:30

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@The Bob. I did report it in game. Why shouldn't it be made public too? If there was a major issue with the game I'm supposed to just let Jagex know and not tell anyone else? I can understand not mentioning anything about a bug that say gives way more XP than it should or some other kind of exploit but something which is like this should be made public knowledge.

09-Apr-2018 11:37:23

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Last weeks NXT update messed up Graphics for many of us.

I tried everything in Settings, didn't fix it. I cleaned cache, didn't fix it. I followed and tried my Clans suggestions, didn't fix it. I submitted a BUG report. I checked all my Drivers and they are up to date. I removed and re installed NXT and STILL didn't fix the problem. I currently have my settings to LOW and it sucks. I ONLY have played rs this last week to do my dailies, which has been very difficult. PLEASE fix NXT. thank you, from me and many other affected rs players

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GodáSlayer said:
The void shifter passive affect is triggering with Pack Yaks. Possibly other familiars.

This should now have been hotfixed :)



09-Apr-2018 13:35:21

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