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Still have to unequip the wildy sword and go through 2 menus to teleport to a warband camp pls fix asap. Wb is a timed event unlike rc. It was fine before. Why was wb option removed from the rightclick menu?

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"Removed the ability to use a legendary familiar with an infused BoB pouch inside the barrows area."

Look in the spoiler.
Why are you taking orders from a signature?

09-Apr-2018 14:15:24

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Mini JIT said:
Did they forget to remove the butterflies with the update? not complaining but strange to still see them in game

News Spring Fayre | Tribute to Guthix, 26 March 2018, Game Updates

"Tribute to Guthix
Your traditional chance to pay tribute to Guthix is back! Guthixian butterflies will appear around Gielinor once more, which, when caught, give experience on the lowest skill. The amount of experience increases with the skill level.

The butterflies will disappear on the 12th of April at midnight, so make sure to catch as many as you can!"

09-Apr-2018 17:55:06

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It's nice that the Hellion aura is now in the Aura management interface...

but how do I, without activating the Hellion aura for my one use per day, use it to recharge another aura?

09-Apr-2018 20:20:12

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