Patch Notes 09/04

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Fix one thing, break another, eh? :P But that's alright, I know the issue with JoT resets have been acknowledged, so I'm not expecting it to last long. Thanks for the grapple tree fix at least!

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I have had nothing but issues with doing anything in the game as of this last patch. I lag out with simple clicks, and in areas where I am by myself in a bank doing nothing, I still have 20-30 second lag spikes just moving one or two spaces over. I have reset the client multiple times, reset my computer (and have used 4 different computers today), reset both routers, and it still is happening. Please fix this as soon as possible.


10-Apr-2018 03:52:27

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Was the ability to reset, with the heilion aura, auras that only naturally reset daily removed intentionally or is that a glitch you plan to fix? Doing jack of trades as an iron man twice a day has been a blessing and I would hate to lose that.

10-Apr-2018 07:36:41

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what a bad "patch" on the Aura Management .. can no longer reset Wisdom aura's or Jack of Trades from what I read... way to downgrade on the daily aura(s) & VIP Hellion since it cant reset the 24 hour Cool off auras now apparently????.....

10-Apr-2018 10:14:24

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(I came here since Jagex and mods are ignoring the several complaints in Current Updates forums.)
Since the new update where the Hellion Aura is in the Aura Bag, I can't reset my Legendary Wisdom or Jack of Trades Auras. Why not?
I know you're "SUPPOSED" to be able to reset on the aura of choice, but my only option is to use 40 Vis wax on either aura.
That right click on aura trick is bogus and doesn't work.

10-Apr-2018 16:25:15

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