Hati & Skoll Instructions

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Yeah, it's been a year since this event happened, so some of us kinda need a refresher on how to start it (which the news-post doesn't provide). Idc about the feathers, just the wolves. I recall building some kinda bonfire for Skoll, and Hati's supposed to wander around the lodestone (but I went to check and he's not there), and I've no clue how Fenrir shows up.
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Hati just spawns regularly in the area around the lodestone and all the way south to the shore.

Sköll spawns when 120 logs have been added to the bonfire on the west coast, just south of the fence to relekka.

Fenrir spawns 30 minutes 15 minutes after he was last killed right outside fremennik slayer cave.
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There's also the fourth wolf called Frank that spawns near the Ice strykewyrm cave. Hand the ring in to Eir and then return to where you killed Frank.

I have no idea if the reward is part of a new trading sequence or what.

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