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Apologise if this is the wrong place

I need help killing this stupid thing. whats the knack to it? ive watched a few vids and they seem to manage easy.
im max combat and even 99 herblore for pots.
ive tried three different combat styles.

i go to the crystal, i get it to like half health, go down to kill the blobs then i go back up to finish the crystal but then i get teleported back down and the crystals are back full health. just a constant cycle. ive tried loads, missed blobs a few times so they heal it

Oh ye and im doing it on story mode. ill give any j mods a grand to just tick this stupid thing off :@:P

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Spiff Capt
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Priority: tag+kill blobs > crystal destroying

Me, mage style.
Meaning you do as much dps on crystals when u can (first weaken+guthix spec, onslaught, and (if possible) right before you go back down launch sliske staff spec), steel titan specs are possible too i think. You should jump down in time (view from the top where blobs are, dont wait too long) and use multi target abi's first (corrupt abi & chain). Don't wait too long cos at some point the smoke drops and blobs are very hard to target. Don't miss any. (supportive excalibur spec, adren pot)

This should take about 1.5x-2x climbs for each crystal.

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Most consistent way I've found is with Melee. Zerk + adren pot as soon as you climb up, fury, sever, assault, fury, cleave, destroy, then toss out a few basics until Zerk ends. If you got decent RNG the crystal should have 50-60K HP at most (in normal mode, in story mode it's probably dead). If it has any more than that, it's best to use a few more basics, maybe toss out a Blood Tendrils, and then climb down and deal with the blobs.

Alternatively, you can try to finish the crystal off before the blobs begin to heal it. You have a good amount of time between when the blobs start spawning and when the crystals actually start healing. Melee is by far the most consistent style for this just because of the insanely high burst DPS, but you can also pull it off with Magic using Metamorphosis, however it's much less consistent. If you decide to try and burst down the first crystal, do NOT jump off Seiryu's back. Once it is dead, start attacking the next crystal. Once the uber heals stop, use Onslaught.

Eventually he will throw you off his back and stun you. Immediately use freedom and start tagging the blobs (preferably using DW auto attacks).

Next time he falls asleep, you're going to do pretty much the same thing, zerk + adren pot and destroy the crystal you weakened. You should be able to get a few hits off on the last crystal. Toss out a few more abilities, and when the slimes have reached about halfway to Seiryu, if the crystal isn't under 40K HP, jump down and deal with the slimes. Climb back up and try to finish the last crystal.

With decent RNG and some practice, you can kill the crystals in 2 rotations pretty consistently, with it occasionally taking 3 if you jump down too early or simply get too many low rolls.

In story mode, you should be able to clear them in 2 pretty much all the time. Hell, it might even be possible to clear them in one go if you can destroy the first two before the uber heals start and then use bleeds + onslaught on the last one.

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dom mines help quite a bit here, u just need to keep an eye on his lp and be lurking about the jump spot so you can jump up as soon as his head drops

i surge to the crystal, drop death swiftness dreadnip 2 dom mines and adren pot in like 1 tick usually, then just dps till crystal is dead

jumping down for blobs is something you should only do if u have bad dps

just know that if you do, even 1 blob getting through will ruin your kill - use chains/ricochet to grab a bunch, and tag um all before u start killing um, co as soon as they are tagged your safe

you can even block them by standing infront of them, or just by agroing the lead blob

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