More bottle quests!

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Jodeceii said:
A Thorondor said:
Blackwing said:
Just as long as it's still interesting & more meaningful quests were still made, otherwise it's a slippery slope to Jagex replacing the latter with bottle quests entirely. :P

Completely agree.

But I just looked it up and last year we had:
Pieces of Hate, A long master quest
You Are It, an intermediate novice bottle quest
The Needle Skips, a short novice bottle quest
Violet is Blue, a short novice f2p Xmas Event

Pieces of Hate was a great quest, but... one quest seems a small loss in comparison?

I feel like crying O_o

I was under the impression that The Needle Skips quest was the beginning of something far bigger in the future...?

even if it is, the format was truly awful

if this was jagex's secret weapon to top people space-barring through dialogue, it failed miserably

i personally guessed about 93% of the words just by typing in the more obvious words a murder quest on gelinor would involve

11-Feb-2019 15:54:02



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Rikornak said:
I generally like the idea of bottle quests, but they certainly shouldn't be the majority of quests released.

The Uri/Charos one was fairly interesting, needle as well - the one today was a nice funny quest, but didn't contributed anything relevant - neither in terms of game mechanic (the cheese cakes certainly have potential, maybe they'll make more out of them in future), nor story telling.

i personally think it was a massive missed chance

they could have made shark rocktail and sailfin cheesecake, removing the lp overboost effect and increasing the healing overall seeing as it has to be eaten in 3 bites

but instead they decided to introduce dead content? :S

11-Feb-2019 18:38:03

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