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Hello everyone,

Last Friday we made a post updating you all on the situation regarding bug abuse at Solak, in that post we outlined our plan to analyse the 252 accounts that defeated Solak during the period the bug was live, I can confirm that the bug abuse team have finished their investigation and we're happy to share the results with you.


In a nutshell the volumes breakdown like so:

- Abused the bug = 154 players
- Did not abuse = 98 players

For the group of players who abused the bug we've carefully considered conditions which resulted in players falling into our analysis list.

Once we went through the list, we then considered things such as the following conditions, plus other variables in multiple game sessions where this was abused :

- Killed Solak at least once during the period the bug was live
- Clicking a steel titan scroll or swapping to the steel titan familiar during the kill
- High rapid clicking of 5 minutes or more with a Titan out

Action taken

- We've confirmed that 98 players did not abuse their kill and as a result we've taken no action against their accounts


- For the 154 players who abused the bug, we've taken appropriate action against each account, some more severely than others which includes
- Removal of any kills on Solak (this means the Reaper achievement will be lost)
- Removal of Solak collection log progress
- Removal of any pets gained from Solak
- Temporary offences applied against their account (in this case either a three day or two week ban)


All accounts that have had action taken on them have been contacted by us in their message center, and as always I want to take this chance to reiterate that we take bug abuse very seriously.

The RuneScape Team
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Thank you for taking action against these accounts.

But it's a real shame that nothing is done for those that lose items through glitches at no fault of their own.

Edit: Some players lost items from a bug in OSRS's Theatre of Blood and had them returned.
Thank you, and I hope this is a policy change for the better :)
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