Just Remove them.

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In all honesty just remove Stone Spirits as monster drops. Its one less roll on junk and would be better money for PVMers without harming ores/bars prices.

For Bossing etc, add Luminite Injectors or an improved version 'Anima Injector' to drop tables. Something that would actually sell while also buffing Smithing.

May not be the best idea, but its probably better then what we have now.

28-Jan-2019 19:48:42

Shooter Mann

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they didnt even fix gargoyles.
50% of gargoygle loot was noted bars that you could sell or smith.


i dont give a crap about queen black dragon or nex. i dont boss. they ruined actual non boss monsters that everyone fights.
stop cattering to stupid eoc players that just sit in bosses all day.

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Remove ore spirits from drop tables, This item belongs in a reward shop of some kind.

I'm a legacy player and I can manage high level pvm, Vind was pretty bad before they removed rune and coal spirits from it's drop table but even now the necronium and luminite ore spirits are difficult to sell and they don't really relate to the boss dropping them.

The low level ore spirits are pretty useless and not all combat should be related to mining?

Why don't they add high amounts of ore spirits to mining related monsters and then keep them off of other drop tables not relating to mining?

Examples: the giant mole, rock crabs, dwarfs, living rock creatures and goblin miners.

That way when you are looking for ore spirits then you can get them from these monsters alone and not every pvm monster/boss will drop them.
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I never pick these up from monster drops. Why are they so common too?
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Allow them to be disassembled - also with an auto setting for the spring cleaner - not just simple/variable components, but more interesting and/or rare stuff - spiritual + powerful/imbued for instance.

And replace more of the low levelled variants by luminite or higher levelled ones.
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