Remove Wildy PVP, nerf content

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Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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No support at all. Sure, removing it may not harm the game as it did back in 07, but it certainly won't help things. What needs to be done is a FIX to PVP, including the Wilderness (I laid out an idea in the thread in my sig). Removing dead content doesn't fix anything. ~ Jacob, Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven ~
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19-Feb-2019 08:24:26

Fire Hawk154

Fire Hawk154

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Nah, the Wilderness is a fun place but it's combat sucking that drove most actual PKers away, plus gave skillers a smaller chance to survive.
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19-Feb-2019 09:42:24

Fox Totem
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Fox Totem

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Interesting idea. Past WIlderness updates have not rejuvenated the Wilderness. (giving pvmers/skillers incentives to enter the WIld - or then taking an incentive like divine o matic away - has so far not made them interested in becoming pkers or pvpers) So maybe give your idea a try (at least on a trial basis) and see what happens. The point of the journey is not to arrive.

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Nibbles Z
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Nibbles Z

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See, I don't get the point in the wilderness anymore.. Bounty worlds have the big rewards that lure in PvP as they adequately reward people for doing the content intended.

Most of the skill locations in the wild are empty and have alternatives that are far more profitable. Areas like Warbands and Elder wisps unique to the wild are mostly abused and the the case of the latter; botted.
Areas such as mage arena are outdated and unless you play on Ironman aren't worth the effort and penguin hunting is merely a weekly occurrence.
Almost everything above rewards the so-called PKer pennies (unless a bot decides to keep thousands of energy of course).. But in the scheme of risk, nothing more than one iteming is required for these low level activities.

So either Jagex needs to breathe life into this area with a major overhaul to suitably reward all players here, or remove PvP and revive it that way.
At least if the area was like a dangerous version of Priffdinnas you could argue it was useful, but most days it's safer in there than when Revs roamed it and a few griefers around the hotspots.

19-Feb-2019 13:30:11

2   2 5
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2   2 5

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I agree, the wild is dead content and overall represents an archaic game mechanic, putting skillers in for "pvp" is ---- poor game design. Its not going to revitalize the wild in any meaningful way and only serves to make "greifers" happy.

"risk vs rewards" is a joke, there are far more risk free methods outside the wild that are far more rewarding.

Rebalence content, remove pvp from the wild.
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19-Feb-2019 16:58:23

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Rikornak said:
Stoic n Vain said:
No support. PVP can once again be made a core part of RS.

F4 said:
There is no time for PvP ion EfficiencyScape. Gotta get those 120 capes.
There is with my unique reward system in The New Wild

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They're are messing up wilderness updates Every. Single. Time. The BH redistribution will be (except for that amulet and possibly rune pouches) an utter failure as well, solely managing to change overpowered, exploitable content to dead ones.

The only fix to work is either to entirely remove the current system or move it to a handful of worlds.
I have made a new system with "The New Wild", while still leaving the old one intact.
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20-Feb-2019 00:25:17

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Deltaslug said:
Bring back the 2007-2010 Wildereness.


With the loss of the Divine-o-matic on death, a few less players will have a reason to go to the Wilderness. And that's an already small number of players going out there.

Bounty Hunter is going away soon. Some of the rewards there are already below top tier anyways, so it doesn't really hurt anything.

People have been complaining about the XP output from Warbands for years being OP, yet nothing was done about it.

Oh, and a lot of your pkers left in 2007 with the loss of Wildy PK and more left in 2012 with the change over to EOC, and a few more left with the release of OSRS. I'd argue most who are left are more griefer than a pure hearted pker. And fir the love of god, this is an issue that has been going on for 6 years now.

Your attempt to "Revive the Wilderness" back in 2016 with all of the various content didn't do as well as anyone hoped.

Accept it. YOU. FAILED.

Remove pking in the Wilderness.

Nerf any content as you see fit (Demonic Skull, Warbands, etc etc etc).

Add in the artificially necessary "risk" (ie: Roaming Revenants, some sort of damage over time, etc).

Let us move on.

Make the Wilderness accessible to the entire playerbase.

Or better yet ....... unlock behind a GP payment or even a 1 time bond payment. You want the stuff in the Wildy ... well we remove PVP but you either have to give us 1 bond for use it for the rest of the game, or dump 50-100m gp. There, now we no longer have to nerf anything.

Pretty sure I killed you in the wilderness for your Dark Energy. Don't be a baby about it, this isn't California. :P

20-Feb-2019 01:50:32

The Iniquity
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The Iniquity

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Really it's just the whole underlying concept of the wilderness that's just fundamentally broken. The wilderness was intended to operate on a 'food chain', but the problem with that is that when you understand how a food chain works, nobody volunteers to be at the bottom of it. The size of the carrot you dangle doesn't much matter, because as that value goes up, so does the probability of getting killed and losing it. Either it's so worthless that nobody bothers, or it's so valuable that nobody thinks there's a snowball's chance in Hell that they'll win the gamble. Either way, the content goes untouched, unless it's essentially risk-free, in which case there's no value to PKers.

From a lore perspective, the wilderness is actually a pretty interesting place, that would make a good place for content if you just scrapped the system that keeps people away from it. But as long as it's a killing ground for griefers, that's just not going to happen.

If there was a way to salvage a PVP based wilderness, it would be in the form of an overhaul to make it low-risk or risk free. When players can choose to farm bosses that were designed to be beaten without risking more than a few 100k coins, almost nobody is going to go gamble mils on a fair fight. In the current economy, with the current player attitude towards risk, and efficiency based goals for farming money and xp, a high risk pvp system just doesn't make sense.
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