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A small rework would need to be added along with 120 summoning if it were introduced; lets not repeat the way 120 slayer was done!

I feel that 120 summoning would be helpful, but I'd rather have a new skill in 2019 and then maybe 120 summoning in 2020. Having a pattern of a new skill then another 120 skill would be a good way to space out the content more.
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29-May-2018 17:16:33



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Every requirement they raise brings Runescape closer to becoming illegal. Keep in mind that there are European laws that protect against too much content/addict-ability in video games. If Jagex were to cross the line of too much requirements to complete what they're asking of players they'd be fined a large sum of money every day for 5 years until they take the "unreasonable for most consumers" content out of game, failure to comply after the 5 year period would prevent a gaming company from selling their products in the EU altogether.

For the safety of the game itself, I'd be in support of Jagex taking a chill pill and cooling it with the 120 ideas for a little while longer. Instead, I'd prefer them to actually create and put out the content they had already promised us in the past that continuously takes a back seat to their newer ideas. They right now are like a funnel of many ideas with little actual effort put in to turning those ideas into reality. They promise us something, that gets pushed off for something new they promise us, which later gets pushed off for another new idea one of the devs had, which in turn gets pushed off when there's a new idea they come up, so on and so forth. This funnel has been happening since Dungeoneering, even to this day they're thinking about raising the level cap on more skills again while a skill created in 2010 is still technically unfinished with what content they said they were adding to finish the skill off never actually being made. At some point Jagex needs to take a step back and come to the realization that they're not a gaming company like EA or Bethesda or Ubisoft, they don't have productive devs or blank checks they can write out to deep-code developers, they don't even have a customer support team. Jagex kind of reminds me of Valve, they just have devs around just to say they do, and outside of that they just sit and make money off existing game content like TH.

Finish things first, then think about the future.
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30-May-2018 11:56:07

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KitKat3303 said:
Every requirement they raise brings Runescape closer to becoming illegal.

How is making 120 skill going to make a game "illegal"?:@

Last i checked you have all the time in the world to do any of said content.
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KitKat3303 said:
Every requirement they raise brings Runescape closer to becoming illegal.

No. The regulator is reactive, and unless we start seeing deaths from playing runescape for too long, this is not gonna affect them.

This also refers to TH and how people consider it gambling. Unless it makes a fuss in the media, nothing is gonna be done about it from the regulator.

30-May-2018 13:07:01

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I just find it interesting that in one breath "120's are moving the goal posts to far for players" so no 120 cape perks

Then in the next hey guys what if we make SMN 120?

Since SMN is a combat stat what do you guys think Combat levels will go it if 120 SMn does happen.

140 would seem like a simple choice since it is only 21 levels 99-120. But i wonder if they would do some sort of change and make it like 142 and be weird about combat levels like normal.

30-May-2018 18:42:20



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I'll second a couple of the suggestions I've seen:

1. Instead of raising the cap, allow us to level individual familiars and customize things. Or raise the cap and tie this into leveling it from 99-120.

2. Instead of raising the cap, release a new elite skill that ties together Summoning with perhaps Prayer and Magic to create some specialized skill such as Necromancy and Demonology, as @Mutazombi suggested.

31-May-2018 02:46:49

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