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I would like to know if we can have a vote to let player choose if we want a new style of gameplay?
Game of the year

My suggestion for the future of Runescape is to have something big real big! pure new system design of the movement gameplay.

I don"t want to say that you guys are not doing a good job but my suggestion for this year is
to stop focusing on the Rs3: (story, new item, skilling, Quest,Boss) Because your game is awesome we always have something to do i enjoy play rs3 more the osrs this is the past and we need to upgrade rs3 to Runescape game of the year!!

Runescape Old School it's the old generation of movement system exemple:
by clicking on a designed square.

Please put sometime on a new movement gameplay exemple: ( League of legends )
Not a bad game but you should take a look about(Riot Games) its only about gameplay and It's why people still like it. maybe being partner too help RS3 to became Game of the year?

thank you to everyone that can suggest this on the big table and please vote on something big !

Enjoy playing! :D

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They’ve tried to implement WASD controls before. They didn’t work with the tile based movement system.

Not sure how anything else would work.
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