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snowboard said:
Solivagus said:
Jutro said:
are we gonna ignore the fact that osrs gets a new skill, another half continent sized area added to the map, and a quest the size of priff?

Hey, I was under the impression that RS3 was supposed to be the *main* game with OS being a side thing for nostalgia addicts. Why the hell is OS getting all the updates while we, the players of the main game, get shafted over and over and over again? At least 75% of all updates are mtx promos yet every actual update we ask for gets delayed for sometimes YEARS. As a veteran player of nearly 15 years this greatly saddens me to see my favourite game of all time being turned into an mtx cash cow and everything I ask for getting ignored. Where the hell are the quests? we had 2 and a half quests across this entire year. where is the bank rework? it has been yearsFFS. Not to mention this is the second No-Update month this year. This is nothing short of pathetic, the entire draw of Runescape is regular updates.

I am usually not very critical but this month sounds extremely underwhelming. I mean I don't know why things like a bank rework take this long, or a quest. Have you guys let go like 75% of your staff in the past few years or something?

My rating: 2/10. World event is decent but not even permanent content. Rest is just mtx.
I get you're point but technically osrs only gets that stuff if they vote for it (take a look at the warding opinion forum)! the plague doctor thing is only temporary so it's not really dailyscape! and sorry but you kinda criticized your own complaint you don't know how long an update like bank rework or quest normally takes! Also take a look at who's on jagex's mod list as of late (or more precisely who's names are no longer on it)!

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