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Hey all,

Since the release of the Skilling Pets with Monday's update we've been closely monitoring each skill to see if the original numbers we had implemented had held up, during this time we've tried to share initial statistics from launch to give you an idea of how it was going.

We are going to be making two particular changes with a hotfix tomorrow morning which we'll go into below.

Production Skills

- We'll be upping the rate of gaining a skilling pet from a production skill, the amount will vary from skill-to-skill, we've been looking at the numbers since release and with the combination of a low number of skilling pets in that category we feel that players are not getting enough of a fair chance to get a skilling pet in their respective skill.

For clarification purposes, here are the skills affected:

- Herblore
- Runecrafting
- Cooking
- Fletching
- Construction
- Invention
- Crafting
- Dungeoneering
- Farming
- Smithing
- Slayer

Drop Chance bonus (Production Skills) - 200m XP

- We've seen a lot of feedback from accounts with 200 million XP in a production skill who despite the threshold bonuses are getting frustrated due to having to pay a lot of money for a skilling pet. As a result of this as well as looking at the data we’ve received over the last three days, we'll be improving the chance increase for accounts with 200 million XP in the skills listed.

Even with these changes production pets will remain less common than pets gained from gathering skills, one reason for this are lower levelled players will be acquiring more gathering pets than production, with the low levels they will not have access to the best xp/hr (and therefore pet/hr) methods for production skills.

We’re presently happy with the rate that gathering pets are entering the game and there are no plans to increase it.

We'll be continuing to monitor the Skilling Pets release, and if needed make any further changes, should it come to that we will of course communicate this wherever we can.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.
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25-Aug-2016 18:39:51

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No fix to thieving? I am almost 111 thieving, and have thieved for Ralph for almost 12 hours now. How does someone with a lot lower level get in such short of time? Please fix.

25-Aug-2016 20:12:54

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