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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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Pls give us expansions like the world of Guthix and Aviansies - skilling in exciting new areas is always more fun. Weather would be awesome addition to new expansions.
Taking of in some invention contraption as a teleport would be fun too. I know expansion 2 was cut short but pls consider making invention more visible on the surface world in the future.
Underwater expansion would be great too - could be the archeology skill in the future. Something that will prompt visiting new areas you develop.
Some system that prompts boss masses in game would be nice and the calendar of events that never came should come.
Skilling buffs that run for a period of time and which you have earned through skilling can make the whole experience more dynamic. Best method of training is what gives the feeling of grind so "best" should be subject to timing not permanency like it is right now.

Looking forward to skilling in the next 5 years.

Also if possible pls bring back some of the old untradeable rewards from past events - a 15 year wait is enough.

23-Sep-2017 21:15:58

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