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Green Cafe said:
The Brotein said:
Green Cafe said:
Padomenes said:
Green Cafe said:
Stop talking about new skills!
Shut up?

Reach my levels then tell me to shut up , but till then dont act big if you have bad levels.

1. Don't be rude
2. Don't feed trolls
3. Levels don't mean your voice matters more than someone elses

1. How am i being rude, the sentence that i posted is written in the survey and i just copied it here

3. Yes , levels do matter because someone with higher levels means that person is participating in what they are releasing, so everything they release is gonna affect that person but if a person has low levels example 41 invention it means that person is barely participating with any content they release but still wants a new skill
It could also mean that you use th!

12-Jul-2017 01:25:30

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