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The Big RuneScape Survey 2018 is now live. Take the survey now!

We're already planning what RuneScape's release schedule will look like for the coming year, and as promised in the recent update from Mod Osborne, we want you to be involved in the decision-making process from the get-go.

Please take 15 minutes to fill out the survey, and tell us what's really important to you. There's a focus on the Unfinished Business mentioned by Mod Osborne last week, but also questions looking further to the future.

The survey is open for a limited time, so don't delay – get involved now and have your say on the shape of RuneScape in 2018!

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11-Jul-2017 10:49:57

Janos Morgan
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Janos Morgan

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I will be intrigued to see the results on this. I personally believe the amount of combat related updates (Bosses, slayer, etc) needs to be dulled down to make way for other updates, such as quality of life, skill reworks, graphical reworks and quests. Until then, I don't think adding new skills is a good idea. Janos Morgan of Asgarnia
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Yes I would be most curious to see archaeology as a skill implemented, or some information from you on what it would be like and how that might work. I'm expecting it to be very lore or game context orientated content.

Also 'necromancy' could be an expansion of summoning, have them merged together into a new skill that involves both summoning and necromancy called 'Conjuration'?
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