400th quest point?

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So whats going to be our next quest? Its been almost 3 months since your are it, so us questers are definitely getting restless. I also hear rumour of a quest point shop? anyone know anything about this?

08-Aug-2018 15:08:37

Uncle Pob

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This thread should tell you all we currently know about the Quest Point Shop.

The concept is still being worked on, so if you have any ideas of content you'd like to see in the QPS, feel free to drop a post in there.

There are quests (Mod Osborne clarified it as "quests, plural" on Reddit) coming this year, but there hasn't been any further elaboration on when they will be arriving (beyond "this year" ), or how many there will be (beyond "more than 1" ). More on this will apparently be announced at RuneFest in October.

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