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Dungeoneering has been dead for such a long time, mainly cause most players are easily 99, 120 or even 200m. It's one of the most common skills and easily maxed out...

I want to do the Elite Dungeons, but no xp gained....? I'm 200m and have been for a very very long time....can you guys make a swap for the dg xp to something else...?

01-Jun-2018 20:31:05

Ian Adler
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Ian Adler

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Truly? The legendary
- called the Azure Serpent, Guardian Beast of the Eastern Lands, and the Spirit of Purest Water - is in chains? After your supposed 5th Age Unfinished Business project we need a series of true Quests in the Eastern Lands to explain what fells forces are at work there.

I say "supposed" above because the Unfinished Business project you announced last year is little more finished now than it was then. Seriously, we need fewer Dungeons and Bosses and more Quests. (I am still waiting to learn the fate of King Vallance of Asgarnia and get promoted to the next Temple Knight rank)
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Great to hear Vic returns, but please PLEASE add some rare cosmetic stuff like you did in one of his early visits to the game? :) Last several times he returned it was always the exact same cosmetics, except for sunfury and grotesque you added but those aren't that interesting. I am more thinking of things like Auspicious Katana and Swag bag. Could you please consider this, I'd love to see those! Feel free to take a look at my suggestions:
200m xp prestige,
Trouble Brewing,
Custom FPS&graphics preset,
spirit gems destr->drop

01-Jun-2018 20:43:32

Boldly Rule
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Boldly Rule

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Ty for new div training method. I am not a big fan of the existing methods.

I hope we see the corrupted slayer helmet buff this month.

When are the new Ocean’s Archer outfits/weapons coming?

Parcel Pete and Postie hats on Vic's store pls. We can't have parcel Pete be that rare.

Some info regarding the Beach would be nice.

Can you kill Solak on mobile?

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