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Normally, I don't like to call out Jagex for stupid decisions, as usually my gripes tend towards minor flaws. And when I do, I prefer to provide constructive criticism, some advice and ideas to fix various issues, instead of desiring a complete cancellation of a project, or removal of an update.

This is one of those few exceptions. So, here goes.

I'm not a fan of this whole mobile RS thing at all.

The playstyle of Runescape is a terrible fit for mobile. Phones and tablets typically excel when it comes to games that you play for a few minutes at a time, not for a couple hours. You can't get a lot done in RS within just a few minutes. Sure you can do the quicker, simpler daily challenges, use the Grand Exchange(which you can do on the companion app anyway, why not just polish that instead?), and... Idk... feed your low-poly dog? Quests, slayer tasks, grinding, these are things that take time, and very little progress is typically made in a few minutes. There may be rare exceptions, but for the most part, I don't see Runescape on your phone as a good selling point. And let's not get started on controls. MMOs already exist on mobile platforms. There are many reasons why they aren't popular.

This whole endeavor is purely for the sake of novelty. Novelty is just the slightly more entertaining cousin of spectacle, and neither have a lasting impact. This is a waste of money and development resources, and as expected, Jagex is creating hype for a future update that has less substance and depth than an episode of Blue's Clues.

Here's the hype to increase sales;
Makes me want to puke in a pail;
When it comes I want to wail;

Back to serious mode. Just... cancel this please, if not for our sanity, then at least for your bottom line. You'll lose money on this, Jagex.

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Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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Vaginal Leak said:
I literally logged on to tell you people you're god damn idiots who can't think outside the box. Bringing rs to mobile will introduce thousands of new players to the game simply because it's going to be the first REAL mmo on mobile, not these shitty little Korean MMOs that require you to pay 50$ at every turn. I'd also like to point out a whole lot more people have a mobile device than people who have a PC.
Mobile Runescape won't bring in thousands of new players. Well, there might be a good chunk of newbies for a while, but 99% of them won't stick around for longer than maybe a few minutes to a couple hours as they struggle with the controls and find themselves disappointingly bored very quickly. If Jagex wants more new players, they need to actually advertise(something which they used to do with great effect, now they only rely on "whales" and veteran players), not waste huge loads of money on porting the game to devices it isn't suited for.

Reen said:
its the future noob
Mm, yes, compelling argument. I must accept this because "future". I'm fine with change. I'm not fine with a waste of development time on crap that is guaranteed to fail. But you're right. I should totally throw away my opinions and views on this matter because i'm such a noob who doesn't believe in the AMAZING "future" of mobile MMOs.
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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I still think they should have scrapped it by now. Call me ignorant if you want, I'm just trying to be realistic here. If it works out, great. Hopefully it will be a success. I just don't have much hope for it.

Battery life is moot, you can keep it plugged in. Also those battery pack thingies every nerd ever is carrying around. (well I suppose that isn't quite accurate. I'm a nerd and don't have one)

Dying in combat is also moot. Sure bosses might be difficult on a mobile device with typical problematic inputs, but simple Slayer or grinding combat levels shouldn't be too much of an issue. Perhaps less efficient, but the people obsessed with maximum efficiency need to take a chill pill anyway.

My issue is with the controls. I haven't tried the beta, I wasn't selected for it(honestly, closed betas are kind of annoying at times. I get why they do it, but it does result in lack of data. hopefully they will add more beta testers soon). That said, I tried a made-for-mobile mmo once. The controls worked, though they were very wonky. The game looked like crap, as well, and it was instantly boring.

Runescape has good visuals(at least compared to most, if not all, mobile mmos), and the point-and-click movement helps with this transition. But think about this: No keybinds, or at least, limited ones. No chat, or more likely, slow fatfinger chat.

Runescape has camera controls, point-and-click movement and interactions(these are the easier things to adjust for), keybinds, chat, right click, scrolling, running around while fighting(though I already pointed out bossing won't likely be popular on mobile), etc. There's so much they cannot reliably set up on mobile devices. They may improve it, but it will never be good, at least that's how I see it. I'd love to be proven wrong.
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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