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Posui Kins
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Posui Kins

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As someone who do 25 hard clues at a time getting an entrana clue is the most annoying thing to get since I have to bank all the stuff that I have with me and getting them out of the bank again. I would like to ask for a quality of life update to make it easier for us treasure trail hunters to get the clue from entrana. A suggestion would be something like a sealed bag that cant be opened in entrana and given to adventurers by the monks to put your items in.

12-Dec-2018 00:05:13

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Well, this isn't the right forum section, but that aside, I support this. I don't really go to Entrana ever personally, but this is a clever way to keep the requirements to access the area whilst making it a bit more streamlined.

For future reference, there is a Suggestions section in the forum. There is also a section dedicated to Ninja-sized improvements, I believe, which might be preferred for a smaller proposed change, such as this.
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12-Dec-2018 11:36:38

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