No Mini-game hub!

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I really don't want any of the under-used mini games being cut out from the game. The mini games seem fine to have all been placed in one spot from the new Runescape 3 interface via the task system. I love it that way and don't want it being tampered with any further.

Furthermore, I don't want Jagex deleting or retiring older outdated content from Runescape simply because you are bringing in more updates full of newer content. Do not misunderstand me. Bringing in even more updates is a good thing; just do not (and I mean Do Not) get rid of older content such as previous quests and so forth. I like the game world messy and cluttered. I paid good membership money to have it available for me. Doing so, I like there being things for me to do on the game as a member and enjoy there being surprises up my nose within every nook and craney.

All in all, if Jagex does not acknowledge this and brings the mini game hub in, and I see big chunks of mini games, quests, combat dungeons, skills, items such as combat equipment and so forth removed and taken out from the game, I will want my money back and, I will be quitting Runescape. This will be a loss for me also because I have been a Runescape member since 2005, and I play this game so much that I never turn my PlayStation 4 on. If I get a trolling amount of feedback through other Runescape players who have a different opinion, I am definitely relieving my account because I am dealing a bunch of players in an mmorpg full of bad taste.
Future updates thread; the year ahead. Protest on putting all of mini-games in one spot and cutting out the ones that are not being used.Suggestion: Instead of cutting the mini-games that are not being used as frequently, I wanted to ask that we could get more and better rewards and added feater

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Have you seen Menaphos? New and cluttered to the brim :) yet lacks content. New stuff can give you what you like.

If only the minigames were solo content ...

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Maybe you're misunderstanding what a minigame hub is? They're going to relocate minigames there. We already have a minigame hub: the Gamer's Grotto. Clan Wars, Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and Stealing Creation are all in there. It's near the Falador lodestone, and the games necklace teleports you there.

Basically, they would move minigames there, or potentially to a new location, such as making Trouble Brewing its own instanced world, and put a portal for it in the hub. Instanced worlds are the only solution that would make sense to me, since it'd be strange to have Heist and Trouble Brewing be in the same "area" as Great Orb Project.

I think some minigames, like GOP, might stay in the same place, or at least include a portal to the instanced waiting room. I think the only minigame they're likely to remove is Mobilizing Armies, since it's very broken and unpopular. Trouble Brewing and Great Orb Project and Heist still have dedicated fanbases, although the rewards are lacking, so I think they'd try to save those if possible. Rat Pits was removed because it was dead content, and used by gamblers.
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Portal to every game is better than having it waste overworld space. You still get to play the games you just save walking time. They could probably even make some f2p since they would no longer be stuck in member only areas since portals remove that issue.

Mobilizing armies was the only one close to being deleted cause it is apparently unplayable on NXT. Don't remember them saying they are deleting other games other than that one.

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