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Hi guys,

As part of the push for openness and community involvement we wanted to bring some of the design for the pirate finale - Pieces of Hate - to the community. Specifically we want to work with you guys to create something that you'll really find useful and enjoyable, whilst maintaining the pirate theme.

To help get started, here's a brief synopsis of the quest (with as few spoilers as possible):

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Rabid Jack has returned to finally wreak terrible revenge on the pirates of Mos'Le'harmless. You will need to team up with your old pirate allies, and a new mysterious pirate from the Eastern Lands, to thwart Rabid Jack's plans once and for all.

The quest calls on the quirky silliness of the previous series and includes favourite characters such as Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry and the villainous Mi-Gor.

We realise that isn't much to go on, but it's a bit of a start.

So on to the design discussion.

Obviously we'll give out the following:
* Quest points
* Experience in relevant skills

But we would like to give out something useful as well.

So, what would you want?


Suggestions we've seen so far are:

An upgraded version of the holy wrench
which provides an increased amount of prayer recovery. - There was also a suggestion to add this to the toolbelt, but we're vetoing that currently as it's far too powerful.
An upgrade to Barrelchest anchor
- We're loathe to hand out top tier weapons from this quest, but we're open to interesting suggestions on how to improve the anchor. Any good effects you can think of?
Pirate spell sheet
- A ring of Drakan style teleport, but limited to pirate areas/islands.

Are there any non-combat suggestions you can think of? Skilling often gets overlooked at the moment and we'd like to find something that will improve skilling gameplay. We want to avoid direct XP boosts and focus on something fun that enhances certain skilling gameplay.

Please keep rewards suggestions thematically linked to the pirate series.

We'll try and keep active on this thread as much as we have time to, so please give us your best suggestions.

= The Judges =
(Mod Chaose (QA), Mod Clumsy (Characters), Mod Els (Environment), Mod Raven (Dev), Mod Rowley (Dev), Mod Victorg(Animation))

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How about the ability to convert the Barrelchest anchor to a crossbow of equal tier when outside of combat and carrying a special crossbow string given by the quest ?

The joke can be that normally you would need some kind of mechanism, but the wielder of the anchor is so strong all they need is some very, very tough crossbow string.

24-Oct-2017 11:29:39

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Nome said:
How about the ability to convert the Barrelchest anchor to a crossbow.

The very image of that in my head is amazing, if you somehow don't break your arms in the process of firing it.

24-Oct-2017 11:31:35

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Maybe let us put it in our slayer toolbelt or give us the option to unlock it for 500 250 slayer points (half if the quest is done).

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I like the idea of the Pirate spell sheet, but why not add that option to the Book o' Piracy and make the book wearable (if it's already, my bad).

And you could do some other cool effects while wearing this book, like when you wear the book while skilling on one of the pirate islands, you get a small boost or something else? (aslong as it's balanced ofcourse)

And you could link some of the rewards to aid you during clue scrolls perhaps, since it's pirates and they sure love their treasures. For example, you could get a daily charge or something which makes you skip 1 puzzle/celtic knot per day.
Why so

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Ok so im home and can post, heres my idea so far for the anchor

First off, before i talk about the new anchor i wanna suggest an idea for the current one.

What about reworking its current somewhat useless spec into a melee version of the staff of guthix? 25% spec cost and same stat lowering effect etc, It is t60 aswell so it could be a great addition to everyones eco melee setup.

Now onto the new anchor, heres my idea.
Possibly make it an eco version of the SWH (kinda like the DWH in osrs)

- T75
- does not degrade
- 35% spec cost
- lower oponent defence by 15%
- specs wont stack
- maybe an rare drop from unlocked mobs after the quest to upgrade it to t85 and lower defence by 20% (does degrade, t85 repair cost)

If i got more ideas ill post later
memes lol

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Search and find content is addictive and social. Thinks Stars and Harmonized Ores. We could find treasure chests, containing noted necklaces and coins.

The size would vary, each chest having 1-4 locks, so teaming up for bigger crates would be useful.

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-to display onscreen on completion of Quest: "Arrr Quest Point" (1 quest point)

-Emote: Rabid Jack makes you walk the off the plank into a bunch of Zombie Pirate Hands

-Ring of Eight (8x Teleports to either: Braindeath Island/Dragontooth Island/Mos Le Harmless/Port Phasmatys/Harmony Island ..+ any related Pirate Islands i might have missed)

24-Oct-2017 11:43:44

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