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Boldly Rule

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Thingeh said:
*Protests about lack of Pet Park.*

Otherwise looking betterer than 2017. Lots of cool stuffs.

I agree! When the player gets a pet drop it should go strait to the pet park. Pets are rare and I would rather not worry if I missed the drop. We could get a small chance to get a pet when visiting the park and it could be like kingdom - choose 3 pets and get weekly stuff. Getting thaler from your pet park could be nice or access to the maw table or clue rewards or the ability to exchange one pet for another you don't have. Ability to earn loyalty points in game.

Pls make all minigames give thaler as if they are on spotlight all the time and let us buy thaler with every currency from minigames.

In game event calendar yay - stock it with masses and minigames events.

Make Desert Pantheon a reward for Menaphos.

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