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i've been a runescape player for 16 years now. even though this account is only 12-ish. and i hit max cape about september 2015.
back in the day jagex would release an update and if you didn't like it you could do three things.
play it anyway and hate life and everything around you the whole time. ignore it and never pay it any attention and maybe complain about it when you remember it exists but nvm actually do it. or do it and find you liked it.
nowadays jagex is so focused on pleasing all players i think they've forgotten what it's like to put out an update they favored over one the players favored.

the way i see it; most people i talk to in-game aren't happy with some update or another coming out. be it mtx or recycled in-game events.

what i think needs to happen; instead of jagex trying to please all players, which isn't working too well (jagex is pretty hated outside of mtx too), i think they should rotate which part of the player base they decide to please from low end players one month, mid tier the next month, end-gamers the next month, and trimmed comp capers the fourth month.

sure this will piss off a lot of players that can't access the content being released (til it's their turn for an update month) and it'll annoy the end-game people like myself (who don't really need the low end updates) but the wealth of bad updates recently and the general bad popularity rating among the player base needs a fix somehow.

side notes;
i'm basically saying jagex needs to learn to be seriously hated again like back in the day.
also; jagex can't please us all, all at once
also; players need to post solutions not complaints for their problems
also; players should try to understand why jagex did what it did, when it did it.

feel free to pm me in game, my status is usually set to online unless it's warbands time or i'm actually offline.
have a good one

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No, what they should do is have people who really enjoy what they do and want to accomplish put in charge to provide and use their ideas for the game.

That's why OSRS is so successful and why less than half the online players are in RS3.

EoC killed so much big parts of the player base, despite every update it's just alienated and provided boring content that never revived things like minigames.

Being someone who lived to play Soul/Castle Wars, Jagex would have more success changing safe pvp minigames like those to preEoCrap. Not die no matter what you do the moment 2 people attack you at once.

There is noone there that tends to show they even love what they do anymore (past community management).

No catering monthly, if the game can't even be turned around.

Lets all remember Mod Mark on his opinions here:

25-Mar-2018 12:56:35

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Kupo said:

Lets all remember Mod Mark on his opinions here:

I'm sorry, but what? Evolution of combat is one of the best updates to the game, instead of stale old passive/afk combat you could actually do something to make a difference in your dps and xp/h.

Without the evolution of combat we wouldn't have bosses with more in depth mechanics like Vorago, Telos, Raids etc.
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I agree the hand holding must stop eg I liked Menaphos and I wish it had more skilling methods incorporated not being made easier. Ppl who don't have time already know that RS is a time consuming game.

28-Mar-2018 18:03:36

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"That's why OSRS is so successful and why less than half the online players are in RS3."

As a hybrid player who's been around for awhile you're the worst part of this community.
Newsflash 300k bots were banned last month and they even admitted that they missed more. You can quote numbers and nonsense all you'd like but OSRS has alot less real players than you think. To the Op I wholeheartedly agree Jagex should rotate like they used to but they're doing great so far this year

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Maybe I'm just easy to please but I love what Runescape has evolved into. i love that it's the same game that it was back when i started(2002) just a better version of itself with all the layers of its past still there. when i joined Runescape as a kid i always visioned that runescape would evolve the way it has. Improving graphics with the RS2 Beta. I couldn't understand the shock and upset from other players. so many people i knew quit. "its not the same game, they've ruined it" but the game only got bigger and waves of new generations came in. I stoped playing for a while around 2006 as I was growing into an adult. i would always check in every few months but I remember returning to RS just before EOC was about to launch. I tried the Beta and i loved it. from day one I always imagined a more in depth combat system for RS. I know EOC was not for everyone, especially for PvP but the move from boring 'click and wait' was a good thing. Its the way the handled the the whole thing that went wrong. maybe they could of implemented things to EOC that would make PvP better and still release this new combat system to the game. They still can do something to change it to make it more PvP friendly. That the best thing about Runescape! its always changing. it always has changed and it always will for as long as they can keep it alive. If you truely care about your game and want it to be around for years to come. Grow up and accept that life isn't fair. there will be things you hate and things you love. The worst thing you can do is say "Runescape is Dead because -insert update here-, I'm quitting this Game. It's no good anymore." by saying this and boycotting you are NOT helping in any way and becoming part of the problem. Don't throw a tantrum when you don't get what you want. Stick around and support the things you love even during the bad times and more often than not the that thing you love will always be there when you need it most.

28-Mar-2018 21:42:25

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