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Scaper Maji said:
I am particularly interested in seeing the game world be cleaned up, but I don't think rescaling the world is unfeasable. In fact, you could easily take the time to replace old content with more interesting environmental features. Certainly we probably don't have room for any grand things like ravines, giant forests, or other fantastical things but making an effort to add some sort of visual flair to the world would be great.

Why not while enjoying the mechanics of training a skill be surrounded by visually spectacular scenery in the style of Deep Sea Fishing. With Deep Sea Fishing now more than ever I wish we had weather and a sea storm came from time to time and some waves splashed my character. The immersion factor cannot be underestimated especially when it comes to new players.
Lastly if my character is going to be in a giant's world I do not like to feel like food/spec/afterthought so the giants better be GODS.
Pls fix Drakes and if possible work on improving trade between players - getting scammed is very annoying.
Modernizing the req for trim would be good too. I refuse to paly dead minigames
Slayer mask interface analogous to the aura interface would be great.

Aquarium style update for hunter would be nice since hunter has so many options. The area could feel like a hunting hub and each week different random creature could grant +5% xp for hunting it. Hunters also collect trophies so this update should make hunting feel like a more cohesive experience with an end objective. It wouldn't be bad if fishing or even all skills get an end objective - you have trained, gathered, explored and have become a skiller or in other words you are no longer a noob and you know the ways of Runescape. Someone called RS convoluted above. I say that is its major appeal. Capes are nice but they do not guarantee you have explored all skilling methods.

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