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Mod Daze

Mod Daze

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Hey everyone,

As promised, this is a list of all the non-tradeable or potentially difficult to obtain items that will be required for master emote clues:

• Fire cape
• Enhanced yaktwee stick
• Culinaromancer's gloves 10
• Prifddinian musician's robe top
• Prifddinian worker’s trousers
• A cavalier
• A boater
• Ghostly cloak
• Asylum Surgeon's ring
• Scabaras mask
• Lab-coat top
• Lab-coat bottoms
• A Treasure Trail dragon mask
• Dragon Rider amulet
• Dragon defender
• Iban’s staff
• Legends cape
• Holy cithara

In addition to these, there are some tradeable items that won’t be revealed until release day but we hope this list should help you prepare for the release of the Clue Scroll Overhaul.


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15-Feb-2018 10:06:06

Big Storms
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Big Storms

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Nice to know I can put a checkmark next to nearly every one of these items, being a hoarder of untradeables. The only cases of doubt are the boater, cavalier and dragon mask (tradeables), since I sold loads of my treasure trail items when they rose to 1m in price. But I think some may have survived ;) "One should not mindlessly follow gods or the godless:
~Big Storms

15-Feb-2018 10:14:34

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Mod Daze said:

•Enhanced yaktwee stick
•Asylum Surgeon's ring
•Dragon Rider amulet

Please please PLEASE can you make it so that we can own multiples of these three items specifically at the same time (by paying the reclaim fee to get another if need be).

These are items that, at present, you can only ever own ONE of at a time and which have significant usage to the Player. As it is, you'd be unable to use the STASH units for the clue(s) that ask for these specific items because you'd really want them in your bank. Either that or keep having to get them back out which would be a super sucky pain.

So PLEASE let us claim multiples of these items.

•Prifddinian worker’s trousers
Same issue about owning multiples: If you have to put the trousers in a STASH unit, then you can't keep the set in your PoH costume Room, so please let us get another of these.

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