Incoming Jellyfish nerf.

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Blue Blubber Jellyfish will be reduced from 3k heal to 2250 heal, at 750 a bite.

Seems a shame for skillers when it's 1 of very few fish that can't be obtained by monster drops.

That aside, here is the reason that making the proposed change is the same as removing them from the game altogether. (Unless you make additional changes.)

They are much less xp p/h than Sailfish.
They will now definitley be less gp p/h than sailfish.
They are more annoying to catch as they are more spread out with an annoying mechanic to go with it.

The single only thing in their favour was their healing power being substantial per slot as well as being off game tick.

With this update, the price required by skillers to make fishing these worthwhile will be much higher than (most) pvmers will be willing to pay for a 2250 healing per slot item, despite that extra 750 healing per tick.

You will be drastically reducing, moving very close to dead content, the number of people engaged with this item.
Nobody will fish it, & if they do, nobody will be willing to pay the price to make it worth skillers to fish.

To keep it relevant, it must remain at least 900 per bite, if it is to remain a 3 bite item.
That is the bare minimum, anything lower & people will generally view waiting another tick to eat another higher per slot item such as rocktail or sailfish the better option.
The price of the item to make it worth it for skillers to fish will far excede it's value to pvmers.
Another option is 750 or 700 x 4 bites.


Give it some time to observe how it is used before making a knee jerk reaction.
Tell players in advance on RSOF of your plans.


If you make the changes as stated in the above link, you are effectively removing blue blubber jellyfish from the game.



08-Mar-2018 06:37:34

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Foxxie I just want to point out that while the change will happen in the future, blue blubber jellyfish are a recent update.

I don't want to argue about it I just wanted to point that out in case you didn't consider it.

Yes, but this is not discussing Blue Jellyfish as they currently are in-game, but rather the update that is being considered to them. Thus it's discussing a future update to existing content.

08-Mar-2018 06:52:08

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I'm not sure I understand why they spend so much time protecting things like brews and nex sets. Part of the nature of this game is that things are constantly shifting around with the updates. That's part of playing an online game that is consistantly updated. "Oh we can't put this in the game. It might devalue this other thing we made years ago." New, better content should take the spotlight. Let it. I'm not saying they should over do it by making it significantly better. But I do believe newer stuff should be, at least, marginally superior. Keep pushing the bounderies but don't break them.
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08-Mar-2018 07:50:43

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Absolutely support.

I reckon this is going to be another 'Darklight Nuke' V2
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08-Mar-2018 10:04:40

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