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to all the people saying every boss should have a solo mode, i totally agree, they should make this happen, at the exact same time that they make all of the solo bosses multiplayer, to be fair to people who dont like to solo, and make all existing bosses killable by skilling, for people who dont like combat, and stop them hurting you, for all the people who are scared of combat, etc, etc...


people who like group pvm never moan when solo bosses come out, so but solo players moan when group bosses come out, so who are really the ones that are trying to say the game should be build round one specific play style? the soloers ofc

p.s. i count myself as a mainly solo player, i have no clan or perm team to group boss with, although i do Raid FC, so im not "just sticking up for what i like"

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To all the people saying something similar to "the game shouldnt revolve around pvm!" you need to have a good hard look at what RS is

Without combat, potions and food would be useless, logs would be useless because fm buff food and bows would be useless, runes would be useless (i know runes are also used to non combat, like livid farm, but farming is uesless if potions and food are useless) huntings main use was always chins, for combat, and then grenwall spikes, for potions, for combat.... smithing and crafting have always about making gear...for combat.

if you remove combat from the game the entire game becomes utterly pointless, as ever product of skilling is ultimately used , via how ever many steps of removal, for combat.

If you dont pvm, why would you even WANT comp cape? its major advantages are that it collects ammo (combat) teleports you to an alter (to restore prayer after combat), to teleport you to the ge (either to sell your drops, from combat, or skilling rewards that only have ultimate relevance to combat), the boss portal (combat!)

i think you get the idea. without combat rs is socially deficient cosmetic fapping edaters, autistic OCD grinders, and thats pretty much it.

Live with it or go find a chat site that has avatars you can dress up pretty instead of playing a combat based game.

P.S. im not a big fan of group bossing, i feel it restricts my freedom to play as i wish, but 1 single kill is quite reasonable imo

if they made group bossing pets a comp req i could actually understand the rage, as that would be horrendous

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