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Mod Osborne said:

Ripper demon pet – ‘Nipper demon’ gainable from Ripper Demons. It is overridable, shows killcount and is similar to edimmu pet in terms of rarity. Created by Mod Shogun

Only add this if there's a threshold IMO. Doesn't make sense to add a pet years after the original slayer monster without even considering a threshold or even bad luck mitigation.

The point of the threshold is to prevent you going on very long dry streaks. Pets can still be rare , but with thresholds you'd progress towards them rather than just be 100% RNG dependant.

Mod Osborne said:

Achievement Bonanza: more achievements, focused on skilling and Ports – This is a suite of new achievements as designed by Mod Shogun. In all likelihood, the list of achievements would be expanded beyond what was shown in the Game Jam livestreams. Current achievements include Nomad soul capes, Ports title and trio voyages, all resource dungeons, reputation, Seren symbol crafting and all gnome cocktails.

Now i don't mind more achievements at all. But the ones suggested at game jams were just very silly. Can we get real achievements instead? Making a new pizza/all gnome cocktails/signing 50 times shouldn't be added in my opinion. I don't mind the other achievements though.
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