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Mod Osborne said:
Shops rework: stocking shops to receive Managing Miscellania-style rewards – Shops largely don’t have a purpose at the moment, as most of their contents can be bought at the Grand Exchange. This Mod Mark update would aim to change that. Shops would request the player’s help, looking for them to contribute shop stock and remove infestations of monsters [...]

To me, this sounds too much effort to outweigh the reward. People often use the GE to buy in bulk, where even if shops were in stock, wouldn't supply.

Mod Osborne said:
Wilderness death mechanic rework, to make it less punishing – A project to introduce a less punishing death mechanic. The aim is to preserve the fun and reward of PvP, but to remove the infuriations that put people off from trying it, finding a sweet spot between hardcore PKers and more casual players who would be willing to give it a try.

Can we please just accept that PvP is a lost cause at this stage? It festers the most toxic community which turns players off immediately.

Mod Osborne said:
Raising Summoning to 120: more familiars, new way to train (Zarosian summoning, for example) – An increase of Summoning to 120, ensuring that it is brimful with content and refreshed by new mechanics, giving players new things to do beyond 99. That might be Zarosian summoning, which takes the ‘splicing’ style of summoning that Zaros used on nihil and Nex. Players can effectively construct their own familiars by splicing together benefits from the various monsters/elements.

I'm unsure why this is being tabled to be honest. Slayer 120 still feels incredibly bare. Please try to finish the content in a skill before adding more and piling 'unfinished business' even higher.

Other than that, Platinum tokens, Clan related updates, Quests take a big YES from me and i'm exceptionally excited for those updates :)

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