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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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Rainbow Grim said:
I see a majority of unhappy players here, but I have a thought to reflect on.

A big point some are focusing on are the desire for monthly quests and simple updates like a new slayer monster or two each month (which was normal in the day, lots of room for new ones indeed even for under lvl 99 slay.) and non PVM content.

A factor that has to be accounted with today's RS in non-combat content is the exp/gp/hr combined with 'entertainment'. Players today will avoid any activity that doesn't match in exp or gp gains compared to more traditional methods. This puts the game devs balls in a vice.

E.x: When Shifting Tombs was announced they quoted on their videos and in text that "Shifting tombs will provide some of the most lucrative experience rates in the game" and doesn't come close, but you can churn out decent gp/hr if you can stomach it, hardly anybody does.

So if we want new content that is meaningful,

-new slayer monsters need meaningful drops that impact the combat meta properly and diversify game play...not just replace previous content gear via power creep.

-Non combat content will have to represent actually lucrative exp compared to equal tier harvesting based on the requirements, well maintaining a fun accessible atmosphere for multiplayer involvement, or it will need to provide more gold per hour than sitting on a similar tier resource and be afk-able. Anything that requires active attention and focus to participate in imo should be twice as profitable and exp lucrative as other methods.

In closing, I don't align with pretty much anybody who is complaining, I am maxed and have waaay too
Skilling methods could be spotlighted like minigames and different content could be "best" for a week lets say so there is less dead content.

03-Aug-2018 20:44:29

Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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D3LYSID said:
Still no mention of 200M capes?? Come on Jagex... Should I quit P2P for another 5 years and come back and see if you've finally given us something we've been begging for since 2007? Do you enjoy making us oldschool players feel worthless? I don't even have words for this any more. Gonna let my P2P run out and be done with this game for good.

That's 11+ years of constant requests for 200M capes, even if they'd be just cosmetic ones, and ZERO support from Jagex. You'd rather listen to the jealous ones who can't handle the grind. Given how easy the game is now (yea, rs3 is easymode, get over it) it shouldn't be that big of a deal to give us the damn 200M capes. It's 10 years late already.


Cape for all skills 200m pls. Every other achievement is celebrated but this one.

13-Aug-2018 13:06:32

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