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Hey, I've been thinking about a new skill i'd love to see in Runescape. Ship maker! The more you level the skill up, different islands will be free to travel. This could also tie in with construction. So many avenues for new lands could be created on this. Only accessble by ship.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, also any ideas anyone else has thought of. That would be cool!
Jimmy H

15-Dec-2018 20:56:07

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This forum is for feedback and discussion on upcoming updates to RuneScape (RS3). It is not used for suggestions.

Suggestions for RS3 should be placed in the Game Content - Suggestions Forum.

Suggestions for OSRS, which I suspect is what you are after, should be posted in the Old School Content Suggestions Forum.

That is where the developers of each version of the game are looking for your suggestions :)

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16-Dec-2018 04:19:58

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