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Billy Nectar
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Billy Nectar

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I don't agree. That gives the option of the high leveled Ironman to join, trade over a load of gathered items, weapons, etc. and then just leave the group after. Ruins the point of Ironman imo.


Is there any information available yet about an eta, functions, ect.? heard something about a possible option of a group shared bank? Thanks.

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I'm very hyped for this group ironman mode and I hope it will be released soon!

In my opinion it would be best to create 2 different kinds of items for those group ironmen: (u) and (t).
When a group decides to recruit an existing account, all his/her items become untradeable (u).
When you gather new items while in this group they will be tradeable (t).

10-Jun-2018 23:24:59

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like what im wondering is the mechanics, like will it be a leader with followers.
will a current ironman be able to group.
why is it taking so long for rs3 to get group ironman?

16-Jul-2018 09:52:44

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