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ComeAtMe Bro said:
DeathHunterX said:

i personally don't see where the other effects of barge can be that usefull, sure i do use barge a lot or i did before 200m slayer but there wasn't many times where i used barge then stopped attacking a boss/slayer monster, and since the mutated barge relies heavily on not attacking a monster i just don't see much use for it.

especially in the current RS environment where melee isn't really used for bossing apart from some small instances.

I love melee and try to use it wherever I can, here are a few places I think Mutated Barge could be interesting:

Build into Zerk rotation

Between pillars
After bomb

Between pools

p1 green bomb
p1 roots
p2 pillars

Pushing after bleeds/reflect (could Barge > Assault > apot to Onslaught)

Vindicta & Gorvek:
After flight

(All I know about Mutated Barge is what I've heard on streams, so could have gotten the wrong end of the stick about how it works...)

Anyways this is a bit off topic for this thread.

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