Double exp weekend

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Rumor3392 said:

You log in during a Bonus XP Event mate.

Tulkas13 said:
Wanting to go from 81 herb to 96 herb.
Need ideas on what I should do for it. Lowest profit lose as possible if possible.
Would appreciate any help thanks!!!

Do Serum 207s. They're great and dirt cheap.

31-Dec-2018 01:28:25

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Saw those serums dirt cheap yes also would need to make a ridiculous amount of them n then trying to make some money back with them wouldn't work to well

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1. Get scroll of cleansing from dungeoneering (will save alot of money).
2. When dxp starts, find a portable well. (saves even more money)
3. equip as much Botanist outfit pieces as you have.
4. Try to get a clan avatar close (3% same world, 6% if close)

you want to get to level 96, because of overloads i guess. So plan ahead for overload resources.

what i would do, is create around 1500 super attack, defence, strength, magic and ranged potions (also get 1500 torstols). this will get you 1500 overloads when you get to lvl 96 (and very close to lvl 99).

After this you have 2 options, sanfew serums (quest related), 12,5k needed for lvl 96 (assuming you are 81 now) or a lil bit more expensive way, 25k super attack potions. Do take in mind, 12.5k sanfew serums take longer to make then 25k super attack potions. At this moment sanfew potions are +15gp each exp to make and super attack potions are -1gp each exp to make.

Once you made the 1500 overloads, look into combining those overloads with prayer renewals, anti fire, etc with crystal flasks. this will result into more overload doses (6 instead of 4) for cheap money.

If you are low on money, prepare for dxp by making unfinished potions yourself at portable wells (this will make you free money as well)

edit: dont sell sanfews at dxp, wait a week or 2 till the price goes up again a bit. super attacks may sell for the same money, as its needed for overloads.

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Also you can get 7 level boost to herblore from pulse cores and start to make overloads at level 89. Everybody is using their pulses on dxp weekend so getting the boost aint hard. Just use w2 burthorpe or w84 combat academy at Lumbridge. Pulse boost all day long and free wells also

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Rumor3392 said:

Also: if you happen to visit Twitch and see any "Jagex" stream advertising any links for "activating double exp", don't click on them, as they're malicious phishing websites

19-Jan-2019 11:51:33

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