Spider leg bottom, broken?

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Is araxxors Spider leg bottom drop glitched or something everywhere I look it says drop rates for leg pieces are 1/40. and Hilts are 1/100 (roughly on the hilts they vary a lot.) I'm 200 KC dry on leg pieces it will not drop for me and I don't know why. Is there some hidden mechanic where you can't get it bottom leg piece if minion path is blocked or something? This is driving me absolutely crazy.
In the meanwhile I've gotten three eyes, one web, and a fang. But no bottom leg piece what is going on!

08-Jan-2019 18:58:30

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I went practically 10 months without getting a bottom leg until recently. Only ever got top/middle. It's RNG. It sucks, but it's RNG. There are people with worse luck than yours out there. An attorney defends a man sued for walking around town in his underwear. It was a brief case.

09-Jan-2019 03:17:44

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see, you are discovering the curse of araxxor. let me break it down for ya....

you see, path 3 is the longest, most painful, annoying fucking path rax has to offer. and it knows this. you see, when you -need- path 3, it 100% is aware and believes at that point you are it's bitch, and it proceeds to force you to stay longer. oh, dont wanna leave? daddy rax gonna cleave dat ass till he says youve had enough. why? BECAUSE YOU ARE ON BOTTOM AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

the curse of rax.

09-Jan-2019 05:37:35

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also had over 200 dry streaks, its extremely painful for sure

i have my own "secret mechanism" that seems to greatly increase my leg drop chance, but its probably just coincidence!

(i always seem to get more drops when i end the kill standing in the acid - a risky tactic for sure lol)

10-Jan-2019 09:12:53

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