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Daddy Shark
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Daddy Shark

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INB Party fever - 404k
INB Sandy 2H sword - 75k
INB Sandy maul - 50k
INB Sandy club 1k
INB Fortune cape 100k
INB Crypt Scythe 250k
Minigame Camper

Trying to get 1 of every minigame item at the moment

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War tortoise
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War tortoise

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Rune Tyke said:

Rainbow 1: 50kb / 31ks / 17.2s* / 4.60b (amulet/bow/cape/parasol)
Rainbow 2: 32kb / 350ks / 20s (pot of gold/halo/wand)
Rainbow 3: 120b* / 24.1s / 47.8b* (scythe/teleport/pet)

quoting b/c rainbows end coming back this weekend, but no new item this time. (kinda suprised by that but w/e)

GE prices for most of them are still wrong, and I feel like the teleport has hit a floor as for it is usually arround 25m to 20m or so for some reason, It is just a clone of a SGS tele.
*~War Tortoise

23-Jan-2019 02:37:14

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